Transportation In Australia


Source: Flckr Author: MC MartinWhen you reach Australia, the first thing you will want to look for is transportation. There are all the usual options: train, air and bus services to get you around. The most economical ways are likely to be the train or bus services. If you are from Europe or America you may not find them very convenient but still they are good and economical.


You will find train services like the Airport Link, which plies between Sydney Airport and the city centre in 13 minutes, is the most economical way to reach Sydney’s suburban stations. Metro Light Rail and Mono Rail provides city travel in Sydney.

The CountryLink network reaches 334 destinations in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. QR (Queensland Rail) offers safe and economical transport services within Queensland and interstate. The Ghan offers travel from Sydney to Melbourne. The Overland makes your travel from Melbourne to Adelaide enjoyable while V/Line offers transportation throughout Victoria, and Western Australian Government Railways around Western Australia.

Indian Pacific offers the longest cross-country train journeys from Sydney to Perth.

One visitor to Australia says, “As a frequent traveler to Sydney, as well as other parts of the world, I would give the trains an above average score for entertainment value, but a bit below average for convenience, timeliness, and cleanliness…”


You will find services such as the Brisbane-based Brisbane Buslines has scheduled services within Queensland; Eastline Buses which operate in Melbourne; Firefly Express which offers luxury interstate express coaches, and many more services that ply in and around various states in Australia. Most of them have flexi travel options. Many buses leave every 10-15 minutes to the major destinations, so if you plan your travel, you could well save a few dollars using these buses. (Why not!!)


There are ferry services to Tasmania.

And a ‘must-do’ when visiting Sydney is the ferry to Manly. Surprisingly many locals have missed this delight.


The Australian airline, Qantas, flies to all major Australian cities. You can enjoy a wide range of discounts like random discounting and internet fares. Virgin Blue is another airline that flies all over the country at very competitive fares. As there is not much long-distance transportation, you may prefer to take the airlines to reach farther destinations.

Concession Travel

Students up to 16 years of age can often travel free on buses, however do check to confirm this in the areas you will be.

Concession cards are available for students in many areas – again, check if this applies to where you will be. If they are not, then the most economical way to buy tickets is usually a weekly or monthly ticket rather than by journey.

Other ways to travel

Taxis in Australia are probably not in a student’s budget as they are very expensive!!

The elderly and unemployed often get half fare cards to assist them in getting around.

Cars are the most commonly found mode of transportation in Australia. Remember to drive on the left side of the road and watch out closely for speed restrictions as fines are heavy and better avoided! Other rules like wearing a seatbelt are stictly enforced. And you must have a license to drive!

As you can see there are multiple options for transportation in Australia. Opting for public transportation may be the best option open to you. Find what suits your purse and make the most of the opportunities.

Transportation In Australia
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