Nine Ways To Emigrate to Australia

‘The only thing that is constant in life is change’ is a popular saying.

This is so true as far as I am concerned. I always liked changes in life and looked forward to new opportunities that are challenging and rewarding. This was always the guiding force behind my decision to move to new places and take up interesting assignments.

In this search for challenging venues, I landed on Australia as my choicest destination to emigrate. With a highly advanced system of education and health, structured immigration policies and not to mention an abundance of holiday destinations, I perceived Australia as a place that could promise me a commendable quality of life.

Having selected my destination, I started my spadework on the various methods available to emigrate to Australia. This refined search opened up various possibilities and, here, I am sharing with you the result of those findings.

1 First and foremost I feel that it is important to find a good source of advice to help you migrate to Australia. You may take legal help in this regard or approach Australian Immigration consultants who would enable you to have an idea of what are the specific skills required that will make your migration easy.

2 I was bewildered initially as to how I would gauge my skill level against their expectation. Later, I came to know that for taking up what is called the Skilled Visa, you can fill up an online form to see if you meet the immigration points requirements set by the DIMIA. This will provide the initial base for planning the entire process.

3 If you are a qualified professional or a skilled trader you could make use of the Australian Working Visa –which is given on a temporary or permanent basis.

4 I found that there is one strange option called the working holiday visa where, if you satisfy the age requirement and do not want to spend more than a year, then you may be given this visa. It will authorize you to work on a temporary vocation.

5 There is also the Family Visa which can be considered if your partner is an Australian or any of your immediate family members, you may consider this option. Here the applicant must be sponsored by the family member who must be an Australian resident or a permanent resident with specific age requirements as mentioned under the Family Visa Emigration Programme.

6 It is imperative that you obtain the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) before embarking upon any travel plan to Australia. This ETA allows you to travel in Australia for a period of 3 months.

7 You could make use of the Business Visa Program if you have been a successful entrepreneur at the senior executive level. Four schemes have been chalked out to help prospective businessmen emigrate to Australia and you can check out where you fit in the best.

8 In case your company is moving you to Australia, then you use the sponsored work visa. Here your employer dons the role of your Australia Immigration Sponsor.

9 Retirement Visa is an option that you can consider if you are financially secure and have a deep desire in you to spend some your retirement years in this beautiful continent, you may qualify in this category.

Whatever be the reason for emigration, I can definitely vouch for the fact that your choice of Australia as your place of immigration will definitely turn out to be one of the most successful decisions you may have taken so far.

Go ahead. Good Luck!

Nine Ways To Emigrate to Australia
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