Increases to the Minimum Salary Level


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The Australian government announced increases to the minimum salary level (MSL) paid to temporary migrant workers from August 2008. The increase will be paid to all holders of a 457 visa including those already working in the country.

These increases are part of a reform package intended to strengthen the temporary skilled migration (457 visa) program.

Some of the Key Features of the Reforms:

  • increases the safety net for skilled migrant workers
  • protects them from unscrupulous employers who may wish to exploit them
  • if a prescribed salary level is higher than the MSL, then it must be paid
  • there will be an information campaign to ensure existing visa holders are aware of the changes
  • the 457 visa scheme is important to the Australian economy and the community is encouraged to support it
  • strong monitoring of the processes and penalties for employers failing to do the right thing

There are rights and responsibilities on both 457 visa holders and employers and it is important that everyone plays their part. The Department for Immigration and Citizenship plans a comprehensive information strategy to ensure everyone knows what they should be doing. So there will be no excuse for those who get it wrong.

The salary increases are only part of the reform package which aims to strengthen the Australian economy with the help of sponsor employers and skilled migrant workers.

Increases to the Minimum Salary Level
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