12 Reasons to live in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia with around 100,611 residents. The population is very diverse – people of 140 states live together, united by a dream come true. They found a more prosperous and exciting life and they decided to make this place their home.

Melbourne – is a land of art and design exhibitions, music festivals and live concerts. Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building and Docklands is the host of the hottest technology and the most amazing products in the world in terms of innovation.

When you want to have a pleasant day, you can go either to the theatre or to the cinema – Melbourne has several cinemas where you can watch both classical or 3D films – the choice is all yours. They have events for every taste. Going to IMAX Melbourne Museums is an unforgettable experience – you can watch 3D films and documentaries on a screen of 32 meters wide and 23 meters high(world’s third-largest screen).

Sports are a priority – you can find free classes for a range of activities from fitness to Qigong, tai chi and yoga. If you are more of a team player, then you should check the North Melbourne Recreation Centre. I am sure you will find people having the same sport as their favorite.

If you enjoy fashion, then you will definitely love Melbourne – the australian capital of fashion. Elegant boutiques will display the creations of important brands and well-known Australian fashion designers.

For party people, Melbourne is heaven – you can find everything you need from small pubs to fancy restaurants, karaoke, bars and numerous live music concerts.

If you want to study here, you should know that the University of Melbourne was founded in 1853, is no.1 in Australia and no. 34 in the world. You can get a professional degree in a vast range of domains from medicine to agriculture and biotechnology.

If you enjoy the sunshine and the beach, you will get plenty of relaxing time. You should not be very surprised if you will encounter some little penguins in the waters around Phillip Island having their regular daily walk.

If you appreciate food and wine, then Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival that is taking place every year in March will make you happy. With over 250 events, it gets the worldwide attention and attracts the most famous names in the culinary industry.

For the third year in a row, Melbourne has been designated the world’s most liveable city by the The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey. Some of the main criteria were safety, climate, nature, healthcare, business, tolerance and public transportation.

Living in Melbourne is living in a very friendly and helping community. Funds raising events are nothing new for these people. They like sports and they practice it together – public marathons, dance competitions or even a call to break a Guinness World Record for the most tossed pancakes with 1000 people tossing a pancake at the same time for 30 seconds. This is a great place to live not only for you, but also for your family.

The Multicultural Hub is a place where people of Melbourne belonging to different cultures can meet, collaborate and promote a climate of understanding and tolerance. Communication is the key of the success of this city – they brought people together and they formed a community where life is easy, beautiful and interesting.

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How to obtain an Australian Migration Visa

Why is it Difficult to Obtain an Australian Migration Visa

Family is considered one of the reasons  a person should be a resident of a country. Australian immigration laws apply the same way. Once a person marries an Australian, then the spouse can be an Australian citizen due to his/her spouse. The processing of Australian Migration Visas for those who have Australian spouses is much easier than someone who has come to visit and wants to live there. This has been one of the most popular loopholes in making an Australian Migration Visa. A child can also acquire an easy Migration Visa. He/she can easily acquire it once he/she is 18 years old and was born in Australia even if the parents aren’t Australians.

The Australian embassy is very strict in giving out Australian Migration Visas. The reason for this is that they want to control the population of their country. Nobody wants a country who has a mix bowl of foreigners, they would really want Australia for the Australians. They want the culture of their country to be for those who were born in Australia. This is why many people get rejected in the Migration of Visa. They really make sure that their country’s heritage is preserved by the people who live in it and not by those who have lived there, but were not born in Australia.

Find out if you are qualified to obtain an Australian Migration Visa

Synch1 Increases Chances of Australian Immigration Visa

When a person or a party applies for Australian Immigration Visas, they must always be ready to provide any necessary documents to the Australian Embassy.  Applying for a visa does not give you room for error because you don’t know if you will have the opportunity to apply again.  There are many people who get denied a visa because of not following simple instructions.  Maybe a form was not filled out completely, or maybe you did not provide all of the paperwork that was needed.  Following instructions and paying attention to the details is crucial.  This is why people work with an Australian immigration visa agency when they are looking to migrate.

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Synch1 Australian Visa Agency’s Reputation is Top Notch

Why Synch1 is the Most Reputable Australian Immigration Visa Agency

When filling out the Australian Immigration visa application it would require complete attention to detail when it comes planning out a trip or future stay in the Australian continent of its own, you better choose the right Australian Visa Agency to start the whole process; which for some have become very unmanageable.

Please make sure that in any of the transactions you commit yourself into, only trust those whose line-up of agents are certified members of MARA. Some lawyers and migration lawyers are not part of this inclusive team. Entrusting your time and money to these fraudulent individuals might be risky in the very first place. They can cost you more than what you imagine.

You can check the credentials of our team of expert agents and lawyers in our Staff site. Investing on such an important decision should not go wasted. But what really matters is when you have qualified people to do half the job for your immigration requirements. This is tricky but would determine if someone is really a genuine agent.

One, they must assure that you get a detailed assessment report. This will give you a picture of how everything works in the whole process of your transaction or the requirements needed. Two, they should at least give you rough estimates of how much will the transaction costs and three give you a contract or any written agreement to notify you of legal matters and issues at hand that you would soon be facing.

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Synch1 The Quality Australia Visa Agency You Can Trust

Why People Trust Synch1 Australia Visa Agency

Let’s say that you want to go to Australia for a vacation or for immigration, however, you have no idea how to go through the procedures. Since you don’t know where to start or what to do, you can get help from the Australian Visa Agency. The Australian visa agency can assist applicants go through all the necessary steps to get a visa. They are the good people who charge reasonable amounts of service fees for the visas.

Most foreigners have developed a trust among the Australian visa agency because they have credibilities in the tourism agency and the people should trust them more because nowadays, fixers are all around embassies waiting for people to come to them for the guidelines. These people, who have no credibility from the government at all, would squander all your money just to give you fake documents. However, the visa agency of Australia provides help to people under the supervision of the laws of the land. The Australian visa agencies are the most legal and fast way to get an Australian visa and no doubt they are one of the most hospitable and friendliest agencies in the world and the agency itself reflects its representing country in the agent’s values.

Study & Education in Australia


An Educated Population!

Australia has a first-class, quality-assured education system, recognized globally for its design, co-ordination and vision. International students regard Australia as a number one study destination. Participation rates of both males and females are amongst the highest in the world and Australians generally spend more years in primary and secondary school than most other countries.

According to The Education at A Glance 2002 report, issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australian teachers were among the best paid, the proportion of the population with a university degree was above the OECD average, and the nation’s 15-year-olds were among the most literate in the world.

The report also found that overall investment in education was comparatively high, with Australia spending 5.8 per cent of its gross domestic product on education compared to the OECD benchmark of 5.5 per cent.

The Australian Education System is overseen by a national body, to ensure a consistent standard of quality education is maintained through all states and territories.

It is divided broadly into five areas:


 ·         Preschool

·         Primary School

·         Secondary/High School/Secondary Colleges


·         Career and Vocational Training

·         University or other tertiary institutions


School Education


In Australia, it is compulsory for boys and girls aged between 6 and 15 to attend school. Australian schools are either public (run by the state government) or private (independent). Public schools provide free tuition and are generally co-educational. Private schools, usually have a religious affiliation, charge fees and are often single-sex.

Tertiary Education

After completion of secondary school in Australia, students may choose to further their education by:

1.     Undertaking a Vocational Educational and Training (VET) course. These courses are closely linked with industry, placing emphasis on practical and skills-based training; or

2.     Completing a degree level course at one of Australia’s 38 universities.

Australian universities have earned an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and innovation. All institutions must be registered with the Australian Government. Both public and private institutions must meet high standards of quality and ethical practice which take into account such issues as curriculum, qualifications of teaching staff, and facilities.





New Assessment Levels Announced for Student Visas

Dear Colleague

Student Visa Assessment Levels changed

New Assessment Levels have been announced for Student Visas.

These new levels will take effect from 1 September 2008.

There have been a significant number of changes;

  • 43 countries across 118 education sectors have been moved to a lower assessment level rating
  • 9 countries have moved to a higher assessment level.

Lower assessment levels have lower evidentiary requirements (eg financial requirements) and higher assessment levels of course have higher evidentiary requirements

For full announcement details, click these links:

Legislative instrument with new list

The Explanatory Statement

Had any experience with these changes yet? Tell us how they impacted your plans – just use the Comments box below…

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Australia Visa Information – Your application will be assessed according to your Assessment Level. Your Assessment Level is determined by the country of your nationality and the education sector for which you are seeking a student visa.


Immigrant Lifestyle In Australia

The smallest continent on planet Earth, surrounded by the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, is number one on the list of places people want to relocate to when thinking of a full relocation.

Why here?

Australians are fiercely proud of their country, the wealth and infrastructure, the culture and the stability. As people they are helpful, friendly and have a great sense of humor. In Australia you will find deserts, mountains and, of course, the sea.

Australia is considered a place where one can live quietly, enjoy the wide open spaces and do something with one’s life in this land of opportunities. People are always on the lookout for a better, happier and more exciting lifestyle and today Australia is one of the most preferred locations to migrate to. The Australians are a friendly lot and theirs is a very rich and diverse culture. More languages are spoken in Sydney than in any other place. Australian industry has seen a phenomenal growth in the last decade or so, which has encouraged people to want to live, work and play in Australia.

Their educational institutions compare well with their counterparts across the globe and finding a job is not too difficult if you are able to speak reasonably good English. A minimum wage has been set by the government in each state and payment is as per those rules. The economy is growing in leaps and bounds and skilled professionals are very welcome.

Immigrants in Australia will find they are able to live their life the way they like to but of course you have to keep in mind that the rules and regulations that govern the Australians, govern you too. There are lots of things to do on the weekends like going to the beach which is a favorite Australian activity. Sports are yet another well developed industry, and you will find that all Australians love some sport or other.

Immigrants must keep in mind that Australians are very particular about the environment and they spend a lot of time preserving, cleaning and maintaining their surroundings. Damage to the environment or nature is attended to immediately. Law and order is very essential so you have to ensure that you don’t break the law.

For permanent residency in Australia, one has to be issued with a permanent residency visa which is just short of being a citizen of Australia. Applying for a permanent residency visa requires that skilled people are working in a metropolitan area for at least 2 years and then this is subject to the rules and regulations governing visas.

Once this visa is issued then the persons are eligible for subsidized or free legal help, education, health services etc. there are a lot of privileges that are extended to these visa holders similar to those of a proper citizen.

So living in Australia is a dream come true, most will agree. Everyone is welcome and you can choose the lifestyle you want to live. Can you really ask for more…

Student Lifestyle In Australia

Student lifestyle the world over is quite different from the rest of society. You have your own group of friends, places you like to go and your own routines. This is especially true if you are living away from home.

Australia is fast becoming a very popular destination for education. The main reasons for this are

  • the highly competitive courses that can be undertaken
  • the fees as compared to American or European courses
  • living costs that are very affordable
  • and last but not least, the myriad attractions that make Australia so perfect for students.

The country boasts a superb climate. The people are friendly, live in a safe and healthy environment and students from all over the world are welcomed. In Sydney there are many languages spoken thanks to its cultural diversity, and with over a hundred ethnic groups living in Australia no student will really feel out of place.


There are lots of accommodation choices open to you. Besides living on campus there are other options like renting rooms, home-stay with/without meals, or shared rental accommodation. More often than not students live their own lives in shared apartments where you do your own cooking. This often is the most economical option too.


There is a lot of scope for students to strike the right balance between study, relaxation and other activities. There is so much to do and see in Australia that you just might run out of time. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to eat in, there is surfing open to all and there are lots of beaches, lakes and rivers for those who love the water. There are international festivals celebrated that are a must-see for students and others alike.

There are lots of sports facilities and art and culture are catered for too, with galleries, museums, live arts and music etc. There are markets aplenty and shopping is always a fun experience. Probably the best attractions in Australia are its bush land and the wildlife, the outback and the rainforests. Students who have an adventurous streak will enjoy all that Australia has to offer.

Work while you study

If you have a student visa you are allowed to work on a casual basis although it’s wise to remember that the job cannot be a means to fund your education as you need to devote enough time to your studies and exams. This easy earn-while-you-learn option makes Australia very attractive to students as a part time job can fund hobbies and interests leaving the money you and your family saved for course fees to pay the fees.

Student lifestyle in Australia offers the best of both worlds: you get to study in some of the best institutions in the world, you can work to gain experience, and you can learn about the Australian way of life first-hand. There are so many activities to choose from and the overall experience of living in Australia is one, you are not likely to forget in a hurry.

Increases to the Minimum Salary Level


source: Flickr author: Broken Piggy Bank

The Australian government announced increases to the minimum salary level (MSL) paid to temporary migrant workers from August 2008. The increase will be paid to all holders of a 457 visa including those already working in the country.

These increases are part of a reform package intended to strengthen the temporary skilled migration (457 visa) program.

Some of the Key Features of the Reforms:

  • increases the safety net for skilled migrant workers
  • protects them from unscrupulous employers who may wish to exploit them
  • if a prescribed salary level is higher than the MSL, then it must be paid
  • there will be an information campaign to ensure existing visa holders are aware of the changes
  • the 457 visa scheme is important to the Australian economy and the community is encouraged to support it
  • strong monitoring of the processes and penalties for employers failing to do the right thing

There are rights and responsibilities on both 457 visa holders and employers and it is important that everyone plays their part. The Department for Immigration and Citizenship plans a comprehensive information strategy to ensure everyone knows what they should be doing. So there will be no excuse for those who get it wrong.

The salary increases are only part of the reform package which aims to strengthen the Australian economy with the help of sponsor employers and skilled migrant workers.