All About Applications for Australian Student Visas

Student to go; by orangeacidAs with any other country, institution and courses, Australia too, requires that prospective student apply for the course at the institution of their choice and fill out the necessary applications. Each institution has its own qualifying requirements and their own rules and regulations regarding the course available and the application procedures.

There is help available for filling in enrolment applications as well as the required student visas. If you log on the internet, look for the AA Education Network. This will give you all the information required for applications and admissions. There are counselors online who will guide you through the entire process. The application is best begun about a year prior to when you wish to enroll. You may have appeared for other exams in the mean time and keeping this in mind, a large number of institutions grant provisional admission which includes exams results for English Language proficiency.

When you make out your application to any institution, ensure that you provide:

  • Education background up to date of application with supporting documents
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency, IELT score or other exam results as required by the institution in question
  • Financial documents that indicate you are able to pay for your education and stay

Once all your documents are in place forward to the AA education Network which will then start the processing. Confirmation of enrolment is issued once the application is accepted; a part of the tuition fees and health insurance is paid as required by the course you have selected.

Remember your Confirmation of Enrolment is the only evidence that will be accepted when you apply for your student visa.


Application for student visas require that…

  • You have been admitted in a registered CRICOS course
  • You meet medical requirements pertaining to overall health condition
  • Have your Overseas Student Health Cover in place
  • Budget for minimum AUD $ 12,000 per annum to cover all costs
  • Clear English Language Proficiency exams
  • Minors must have suitable accommodation arrangements
  • Clear character checks

On your student visa, you are eligible to apply for packaged programs. If you are a citizen of assessment level 1 & 2 countries, you are allowed to convert a business or tourist visa in to a student visa. But citizens from country levels 3 & 4 can do so only under special circumstances.

In case there is need for a change of address then a notification has to be made with DIMA or the Dept. of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs two days prior to actual shift for visa labels 8506 and the university need seven days prior notice for visa labels 8533.

In case of a change in program, if the new course selected is longer in duration than the old then a new student visa will be required. The change requires the approval of the School Head or nominee. Switching institutions within the first year of your selected program is dependent on the stipulations in your visa and transfers are generally approved by DIMA in special cases.

Extension of student visa is possible only if your current visa does not show “further stay” conditions. If you complete your course sooner than expected you are not allowed to stay longer even if your visa has the required time on it. If you plan to travel around the country once your course is over, check with the immigration department for conversion of student visa to tourist visa.

Local administration is always helpful so any problems you face regarding applications and student visas can be dealt with easily and effectively.

All About Applications for Australian Student Visas
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