Real Estate In Australia – New And Resale Homes

Things To Keep In Mind About New And Resale Homes


The thought of living in your dream possession that has been furnished with new gleaming furnishings is thoroughly an exhilarating feeling. We all are aware of the fact that purchasing a home in a place like Australia can be a fund draining experience. Hence, you must not give up the option of looking at resale homes in your look-out for your dream house.


The very thought of resale homes may bring in to your mind a house that is almost in a dilapidated condition with damaged windows, cracked ceiling and floors, rusted wires and broken pipes. No, this might not be the actual case of all resale homes! You can be successful in enjoying some additional benefits while going in for resale homes instead of freshly constructed houses.

The most important factor to be considered is the cost. It is well known that pre-existing houses tend to be comparatively less expensive than newly built houses. The additional difference in the cost of a new home might be attributed to factors like current cost of the land, prices of construction materials, labor costs etc. Hence, if you locate a resale home that suits yours requirements, you may think seriously about buying it.

Another common problem that is encountered with to-be-completed homes is that of noise pollution. Many of these projects are slated to accommodate hundreds of homes and take some years to be fully complete and ready for possession. Hence, if you happen to be one of the first early occupants, you will be forced to face the problem of traffic congestion, construction hazards and noise pollution. These issues are totally absent in the case of resale homes.

However, if you are buying a brand new home, the other major accessories like the furnishings, bath and kitchen fittings, and floor tiling can be decided well in advance to suit your styling requirements and budgetary limitations. In the case of resale homes, you might face stiff opposition from the rest of the neighbors in case of undertaking complete renovation of the interiors of the house.

While considering resale houses, please remember to go through the records of previous payment made by the earlier owner towards all amenities. In case of arrears being built up, you might face acute problems while moving ahead of your furnishing plans in the home.

Can You sell Easily if You Want To?

If you purchase a home which is a part of a major construction project that spans over a couple of years and you decide to sell your property even before the entire project is completed, you must bear in mind that you will be competing with the real estate developer. This might have its impact in the time taken to sell and the price quoted for your brand new home.

Hence, while embarking upon your dream journey of buying yourself a cozy and comfortable home, consider both newly constructed and resale houses. Weigh the pros and cons of both options and make the life-time decision a wise and happy one.

Real Estate In Australia – 7 Essential Buying Tips

7 Things To Remember Before Making A Real Estate Purchase

Real Estate Buying Tips

Becoming the proud owner of a dream home can very well be a truly nerve-wracking experience. However, in order to make the process start in an easier fashion, you need to ask yourself certain questions before looking out for a property in Australia.

Please bear in mind that these are not the only factors to be considered before embarking upon your hunt for homes. But, paying a little attention to the following issues will certainly provide you the clarity of the entire situation and equip you with the requisite knowledge to proceed further towards your ultimate goal.

  1. You need to be clear about your needs. Try to come to a clear decision about the size of the house and the facilities that may come with it. This will prevent future regrets about the space crunch, lack of amenities etc.
  2. The next very important factor to be considered is the location. Choose the area that suits yours requirements and your financial limitations. Ensure that all pockets in this area are thoroughly searched before moving on to the next preferred location. By doing this, you avoid any confusions that may otherwise arise due to the location of your home and the distance you need to cover for outside facilities like school, office, hospital, shopping malls etc.
  3. Find out about flexibility levels of the house owner. One easy way of doing this is to check out for how long the house has been empty. A relatively less duration is an indicator that the owner might not show great signs of flexibility.
  4. I know that you will certainly visit the house to have a good look at it. Try to gauge the level of repairs to be done, the age of the building, the condition of the electrical and plumbing wires etc. This will give you added clarity as far as your budget is concerned.
  5. Ask the owner to provide complete details of the final price quoted. This should include any associated charges that are being levied. You must also inquire about the tax on property to be paid to ensure that there have been no previous shortfalls in payment.
  6. Having children in the family will definitely persuade you to prefer locations that are closer to educational institutions. In that case, try to assess the accessibility levels of your home from school and vice-versa. This is undoubtedly one compelling element of house-hunting in case of a family-man.
  7. Go through the documents of the house with the able guidance of a professional. Try to find out if there are any other related issues like zoning or easement problems. These troubles may arise if your property is the midst of a vast residential neighborhood. Overlooking these factors might take you by surprise later on after possession of the property.
  8. Be practical while weighing all options of buying the house. Transportation is an important factor to be considered prior to purchasing any property. Try to analyze the time taken for commutation between your prospective home and the most commonly driven places (school or office).

The above discussed issues are just the starting point in your journey towards your dream home. However, giving these factors a deep thought will certainly ease the initial confusions and illusions that are associated with house-hunting. Good Luck!!!!

Minimum Salary Level – Increase for Australian Employer Nomination Scheme

Minimum Salary Level Increased

The MIA has today been advised that the Minimum Salary Level (MSL) for occupations nominated through the Employer Nomination Scheme will be increased from 1 August 2008, in line with the MSL increase for the Subclass 457 visa.

The standard MSL will increase to $43,440, and the MSL for ICT professionals will increase to $59, 477.

PLEASE NOTE: these increases will only apply to positions that are nominated under the ENS from 1 August 2008. Existing ENS visa holders, as well as employer nominations for positions lodged before 1 August 2008, will not be affected by the MSL increase.

All About First Home Owners Grant In Australia

What do the Australian First Home Owner’s Grant, and Police tracking down dangerous criminals, have in common? Both recognize how precious it is to have your own home…

First Home Owner's Grant Australia

It is a commonly known fact that the police team in search of criminals always keep a lookout near their home… Sooner or later the cozy comfort of a home and the love of it’s occupant is bound to drag the criminal back into home.

Such is the great attraction and affection a home generates that even the most stone hearted are compelled to return to it for a moment or two of solace. What better way to encourage responsible citizenship than to provide a safe harbour in which he moors his castle of fantasy?

Moreover, right since the beginning human society in general, and family groupings in particular have always felt the necessity of a shelter which could protect them from natural as well as man made storms.

Always striving to provide his family the much needed fortification the caveman zealously guarded the caves and even befriended the dog to perform the duties for him. Times have changed but the urge for shelter remains, and even today one of the major dreams of any human is to have a home of their own and settle down nicely and enjoy the vagaries of life.

It is not only the individual but also society which has understood and accepted the necessity of providing proper housing facilities to each of its members which would finally lead to a happy and content culture. Governments have taken this up on behalf of society and encourage individuals to construct and enjoy their own home.

The Australian Government too realized the need of a helping hand for its populace as far as home building was concerned and came up with unique promotional and incentive scheme which encourage the people to have a house of their own. The First Home Owner’s Grant scheme was thus created to encourage residence possession and also to create a conducive atmosphere for the industry infrastructure and thus the economy.

No Means-Testing

Coming into effect from July 2000, the First Home Owner’s Grant is an open-ended scheme which helps any first time home owner, irrespective of the price of the house being constructed. Thus one may construct a house worth $50,000 or $1,000,000 the amount of grant remains the same. The First Home Owner’s Grant is not means-tested and neither is it restricted by the cost of the proposed property.

How to Apply for a First Home Owner’s Grant?

The grant can be obtained through a number of lending institutions and banks that are a part of the approved agents list. Infact, the grant also provides the added incentive of an additional payment if certain criteria are met by both the spouses. This is also sometimes referred as the first home bonus. The best part of the scheme is that one is not required to apply separately for the bonus but is automatically entitles to it once the application for First Home Owner’s Grant is submitted.

Invest In Australia? Now Is The Time!

Strong Growth

For those with money to invest in Australia , now is the right time…Australia is experiencing an upward growth cycle. This offers significant opportunities for international businesses and welcomes foreign direct investment and investors. All the major cities are seeing a rise in their indices. Economists expect this trend of upward growth to continue for many more years to come.

Services Sector

The country is a major exporter of agricultural products, minerals and natural gas. But the economic prosperity in this country has been dominated by the services sector. Australia’s Service industries have expanded in recent decades more than that achieved in other countries.

Focus on Reforms

The country lays emphasis on reforms and has been modernized which has led to financial deregulation. The per capita income of Australia is much higher than other countries. The inflation rate has been quite low. The standard of living has improved considerably. Unemployment is very low and there is a sustained budget surplus. The IMF has commended this milestone which no other country has been able to achieve.

600,000 New Jobs

The business sector is vital to the country – creating more than 600,000 jobs and providing confidence to businesses through the structure of its institutions. Australia has thus become a destination favored by investors.

  • The governance system is strong and transparent.
  • It offers low barriers to trade and investment.
  • The country has been ranked by the World Bank as the second easiest economy in which to start up a business.
  • The infrastructure is extensive and provides easy transport corridors, power, and other utilities.

International Business

The country has now become home for citizens from over 200 countries and the work force is multi-lingual and skilled. There are many international business opportunities in Australia thanks to low tariffs and minimal barriers to entry. The country is ready to adapt to social changes and technological advancements thus inviting investment of skills, knowledge and enterprise. It welcomes global information networks.

The country has been an extensive user of Information and communication technology, with sophisticated financial systems and transparent markets which help investors to really look forward to invest in Australia. Financial services are one of the fastest growing sectors of Australian economy.

Don’t Lose Out – Invest!

With all these major advantages and the government encouraging investment, for those able to invest in Australia at this time, it is a wise decision which no one should hesitate to take.

Australian Immigration – Government Backs The Rise

Australian immigrationThe economic boom in Australia has warranted the Government of Australia to call for skills from outside and has resulted in mass immigration. As high as an 8.8% increase has been reported in Australian permanent immigrants. Many people favor the Australian immigration policy and believe it is going in the correct direction to tackle the situation.

Because of the aging workforce in Australia, there is great demand for skilled workers from outside the country. Because of the very low unemployment rate, immigration has been as the main solution to solve the skill shortage.

“Australia immigration has become increasingly popular,” says Erin Ryan of“, as foreigners are flocking to the shores down under. “Australia is reaping the benefits of these skilled immigrants.”

Who are the Immigrants? What Kind of Skills?

A report says that New South Wales is the most preferred destination for immigrants – the majority of whom are people from UK and Europe.

There is a great demand in Australia for pilots, doctors, nurses, and other skilled workers and to tackle this problem, the government has relaxed the immigration policy . Wherever there is shortage of skills, people who are skilled in those areas will be given preference.

The government is also pondering over the idea of being more lenient to professional workers as they can deploy these people to mange the present economic growth.

According to a recent OECD report, the Australian economy depends strongly on immigrants.

  • about 25% of the workforces are foreign born
  • unemployment rate for migrants in Australia is the lowest in the OECD
  • education and employment are almost on par with the citizens of Australia

Temporary Business Visa

Apart from the Migration Program for permanent residents, the government also has a temporary business visa category and this is for people sponsored for skilled occupations by the Australian employers. Australia is going to need migrants, especially skilled migrants, for a long time to come. In Australia there is bipartisan political support for the Migration Program. Australia offers an outstanding quality of life as well as employment opportunities.

Liberal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews talks in support of immigration:

“The level of net overseas migration is important as net inflows of migrants to Australia reduce the rate of population ageing because migrants are younger on average than the resident population. Just less than 70% of the migrant intake is in the 15 – 44 age cohort, compared to 43% of the Australian population as a whole. Just 10% of the migrant intake are 45 or over, compared with 38% of the Australian population.”

It is also argued that the emphasis on skilled migration means that the country gains a lot more benefit from the incomers. Now, many major works projects which had to be put on hold for want of skilled labor can get going again.

Major Australian Political Parties in Favor High Level of Immigration

According to a 2007 Liberal Party document titled Immigration – Its Role in Our Future, the Coalition’s immigration policy is

“free from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, nationality or country of origin.”

The Australian government is committed to lay more emphasis on skilled migration, at the same time maintaining commitment to family reunion migration.

Student Loans In Australia – Easy?


The student phase of life is unforgettable. The fun and frolic interlaced with anxious moments of anticipated results and a lookout for an optimistic future, all couple to present and bestow some of the best memories of a lifetime.

But right along side the worries about availability of intended courses are the financial concerns generated by the high cost of paying the course operators or universities.

It has been rightly said that expenses can sense when you are in a tight spot and start to creep up on you when least expected.

Moreover, it is not only the tuition fee which may wreak the havoc; the smaller demons such books, accommodation, stationary, laptop, excursions, projects etc are also equally capable of creating a new tight spot.

So the search for financial support or sponsors outside the home often starts at this point, and it is exactly at this stage that the need for a Loan provider can become acutely felt.

The good news for students in Australia is that the availability of Loans for students in Australia is pretty easy and hassle free – with the advent of better education and financial policies and inclination of the financial institutions to invest in the future of the nation. Thus various options are available for students in order to obtain a loan which best suits the individual student’s needs, takes account of the requirements the chosen course, and the financial debt bearing capacity of the applicant.

The student Loan schemes provide loans under various repayment options. In fact, the actuality that the loan repayment starts only after the completion of the educational programme makes the loan option much more lucrative and burden free.

The Loan repayment terms proffer a helping hand akin to a guardian thus permitting the student to indulge in his primary concerns leaving aside the financial hardships for a future defrayal. Every loan is a burden but looking at the brighter side one might consider it as an investment for the future which would indeed reap rich dividends.

The advent of various money lending agencies and their keen interest in Students has opened newer vistas for students in pursuit of educational dreams much beyond their financial realm. Further, the easy terms and conditions make the deal more alluring. Preferential lending rates, absence of any application fee and monthly service fee, flexibility of deferred payments

The student loans can be availed by providing a suitable guarantor. The guarantor could the student’s parent or guardian.

The Australian Government revised scheme enables students to obtain loans from the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP). These loans availed by the student are meant purely for the purpose of study fees. As is the case with any other loans, interest accumulates on the HELP loan as per the prevailing Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The repayment of the availed loan is through the well known tax system. The loan repayments commence when taxable incomes exceed the limits set by the authorities, or after the completion of education as per the scheme selected by the student.

Medicare In Australia

Health, a simple word, can give sleepless nights, if not taken good care of. A chirpy toddler, when silent and subdued, sends shivers down the mother’s spine – for it is a direct indication that all is not well with the child’s health system. We may boast of numerous dreams and achievements but at the core of our heart we thank the Almighty without fail for providing us with a healthy body which takes care of the rest. Health then, is central to every human activity.

No wonder we say health is wealth!

When Tragedy Strikes…

Tragedies tend to have an edge over us, mainly due to the surprise factor. Health tragedies are the worst since they are physically demanding as well as mentally draining, not to mention the finances involved. It is at times like these that one wishes for a medical/ health cover which could protect and guide the family during these hours of crisis.

Medicare Australia, as the name suggests, is an Australian Government agency which has been formed with a noble aim to play a central role as far as the Australian health sector is concerned. With an objective to assist and guide the Australian population in maintaining and improving health, Medicare Australia plays a stellar role in the well being of the nation.

Heathcare Policy

A good healthcare policy is a must for any nation wherein the basic medical care facilities are assured to the citizen.

The Medicare program of Australian Government has been created keeping in view the most basic requirements in healthcare for:

  • child and general immunization
  • organ donation
  • rural healthcare
  • veteran’ affairs
  • family assistance
  • etc

Working hand in hand with the Department of Health and Ageing, Medicare Australia strives to achieve the Government’s health policy objectives. A defined government policy framework governs the healthcare programs.

Universal Healthcare System?

The universal health care system was started in 1984 wherein every eligible Australian resident was assured of accessible, affordable as well as high-quality health care. The citizens, on their part, are expected to contribute to the cost of health care as per the payment ability.

The scheme is financed through an income-related Medicare levy and progressive income tax and assures free treatment to any public patient (under Medicare) in any public hospital, and no charge treatment or subsidized treatment to the patient by medical practitioners.

The medical practitioners may include specialist such as general practitioners, participating optometrists or dentists.

Timely Help for the Needy

The results of these healthcare schemes have been heart warming with provision and timely help to the needy.

Taking the program a step further, the vast world of the web has also been effectively utilized to circulate the latest information related to Medicare:

  • online query management
  • availability of related forms for application and claim
  • various medical publications and guidelines
  • specific and useful information for various medical practitioners
  • safe and secure submission (electronic) of medical claims and payments through secure channels
  • information in various languages supporting the entire spectrum of population, and
  • information related to the location and identification of Medicare Offices within the country


Centrelink In Australia – An Overview For Immigrants


It is quite natural to be apprehensive regarding a new country – especially so if one is an immigrant. The world down under is no different from those above the equator and the special efforts made by the Australian Government are focused on providing a great start for a newcomer.

So what exactly is Centrelink?

Centrelink is the name of a Statutory Agency of Australian Government which has been created to assist the population to become self-sufficient and support others in need.

Centrelink can also be seen as a statutory agency which delivers a range of Commonwealth services to the Australian community.

Generally the worries start when one is not aware of the procedures and regulations. Further, without any proper guidance, one is lost in a quagmire of useless information which is neither beneficial nor simple to decipher. This is when Centrelink comes into picture as a single point help and guidance centre.

It is also seen by many of its satisfied proponents as a link between the Government and the people, aiming to enrich the way the Government deals with people. The agency has crafted out several benefit programs/ services which are offered on behalf of government policy departments and a various other agencies. The focus has been to create and sustain a system which helps every individual to kick start a venture which would pave way for a better lifestyle.

Customer Service Centers

Centrelink has fine tuned the support system and now boasts of simplified arrangements for customer service centers through an integrated network across the country.

Going a step further, the agency has also undertaken extensive research and conducted surveys to understand the complex customer satisfaction quotient. The dedicated approach by the agency has resulted in the formation of a streamlined and customer-focused organization.

Centrelink also offers various options and help modules for budding entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. The services include help through personal interviews, telephonic help, online internet services, as well as home visits.

Help for Families

Apart from assistance in business enhancement, Centrelink plays a major role in providing necessary help to individuals and families with advice and monetary assistance in cases of need. With a range of online services, families can easily access Update Family Income Estimate, Claim Child Care Benefit, as well as Pay Bills online after registering for online services.

Further, not limiting itself to mere help, Centrelink also offers information to parents and guardians regarding Child care, Accommodation and Renting and Payment choices for families.

Easy Access to Family Information?

The priority need is centralized information which is easily accessible to housewives and family members right at the home. Centrelink support parents and/or guardians through online services in order to obtain a range of payments related to:

  • raising children
  • having a baby
  • child education
  • child health, injury or disability, etc.

It also comes to aid with a varied range of services such as the Child Support Agency, Personal/Family Counseling, Special Disability Trusts and Family Assistance.

Relocating To Australia Is Easy?


Relocating to Australia provides numerous job seekers with an opportunity to move to the land of Kangaroos.

  • The world is shrinking at a rate never imagined before.
  • Cultures are merging and people are interacting more actively than ever before.
  • The advent of newer technologies and better lifestyles have seen populace shifts from well settled locations to hitherto unknown hinterlands in search of greener pastures.

Frankly it is quiet amusing, the way the human mind works. For a person who has been desperately searching for a satisfying remuneration suddenly starts scratching his head for a answer as to whether he should uproot himself/ herself and relocate to a place alien to him, or not.

Oh-so-warm Australians

The anxiety can be understood if one is required to relocate to an obscure country. However, the Oz is one place where everybody is welcomed with open arms and a mug of Australian beer. The apprehensions, if any, melt away the moment one touches Canberra or for that matter any of the metros. Happy go lucky people, beautiful atmosphere, amazing opportunities and a fun filled life welcomes you. The land of contrasts boasting of coral reefs, endless golden beaches, rich marine life, mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, and idyllic deserts beckons every visitor to its folds.

Australia is Cosmopolitan

Being the world’s smallest continent does not deter Australia from being the sixth-largest country. Major cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, Sydney, New South Wales etc attract scores of people from across the globe for a dreamy life. These metros not only breed a cross cultural society but also provide a fertile ground for those willing to learn and implement the Australian way of life. Being ruled by British has left an imprint on the country but that’s where the similarity ends (of course not to forget the left hand drive!). Australia has been a peace loving and fun filled country and it continues to be so, rubbing off the energy to any soul touching her.

Basics are taken care of!

Major concerns which plague a mover viz. schools for kid, proper housing facility, decent neighborhood and a stable job are generally taken care of within a short span of time. Thanks to the wonderful Australian Government welfare and guidance schemes, the visitors settle down much faster than the average settling down time. Knowledge of English language helps settling down faster and making friends who can be a catalyst to enhance the process. The language also helps in finding own way or while driving around the country. The Australian dollars and cents system is quite akin to the one known worldwide and is in fact, a step better with the advent of polymer (plastic) money which is not only clean and neat but also eco friendly.

Don’t worry – Be Happy!

Once the movement to Australia is decided, it is better to surrender oneself to the charms of the country rather worry about the future. The wonderful Australian lifestyle, fantastic climate and abundance of opportunities will bind you to this country. The recovery from jet lag would be quick and a combination of local friends would assist the transition phase glide smoothly.